How to Install Pond Liners

One of the best ways in which you can achieve the pond of your dreams is by installing flexible pond liners.

Pond Liners

For the purposes of this article I am going to presume that you have already dug the shape of your pond and you are just at the stage where you can purchase your pond underlay and install it. Let's take a little look at exactly how you can do this.

One of the first things you will want to do is buy your pond liner. I suggest that you always purchase the best that you can afford and consult some reviews. You will want to know how durable it is as well as how easy it is to manipulate to get the shape that you are after.

PVC Pond Liners

The first thing you are going to wish to do is to smooth out your ground. As mentioned before, you should hopefully have already dug your hole. You will want to smooth this out and remove any loose stones that could potentially pierce your pond underlay and of course damage the fish. The smoother the ground, the easier it will be to work with.

The next step of the process is to install the pond underlay. This will come in strips and you will want to roll it out so you cover every inch of your pond. If you feel as though one part of your ground is slightly sharper than others then I suggest that you look into covering it up more than once. Honestly, you will thank me for this tip in the long run! When your underlay meets you will want to overlap the pieces to ensure that no part of the bare ground is exposed. Some people also like to use adhesive tape to hold the pond underlay down if they feel that it is going to slide around, although this is optional.

Now it's time to get to work with your pond liner. You will want to install this on a hot day. The reason for this is because you will want to leave it in the heat of the sun which will soften it up and make it easier to manipulate. Don't leave it on the grass though as it does have a tendency to 'burn' it. When it is smooth simply lay it over the pond to roughly fill the shape. When it is rough you will want to climb into the pond without your shoes on and push it into every nook and cranny. You will want to ensure it is smooth. When you are happy you can weigh it down with stones. Finally you can add water to the pond.

Hopefully this article on how to install pond liners is going to be of some use to you. I have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible, although understandably each person may have their own specific point in which they need further clarification. Whilst installing a pond underlay is easy, you will never want to jump into it without knowing exactly what you are doing otherwise this will be detrimental to your fish.

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